Open Road Ahead for Guinan Girls

Welcome to our new website and here is a copy of a little articel, we posted recently announcing the launch of our new website...

We’ve come a very long way from teams of oxen pulling carts along the dirt tracks and old Roman roads of Britain. Eventually their lives were made easier by barges criss-crossing the canal system and by the steam trains transporting goods in bulk to wherever they were required. In turn, these made way for the most part when the motorway system began spreading between cities and towns. From then on the truck ruled the road as any type of goods you can imagine could reach its destination within hours. Thanks to the motorways the domination of trucking as the main means of national haulage is set to continue; at least until drone delivery is perfected!

As these multi-lane carriageways spread like arteries carrying the lifeblood of the country to all parts, it makes sense for a logistics firm to put itself at the very heart of it all. That’s the fortunate position taken by Guinan Girls Logistics as they sit proudly in Tamworth in the geographical centre of England. Not far from Junction 10 of the M42, Guinan Girls vehicles can reach any part of the UK mainland quickly and easily.

A family-run business, the Guinan Girls Logistics name is amalgamation of the family name and a celebration (?) of the fact they have five daughters. If you have brought up five daughters is there any situation you couldn’t handle? The black and pink livery, that makes the vehicles stand out, is becoming more and more a familiar sight on the roads as the fleet expands rapidly to meet an ever growing demand for their services. They currently operate 24 x 44 tonne articulated vehicles, alongside a variety of curtain-side and rolling skeletal trailers. With a staff of 32 full time and 3 part time drivers and a dedicated spare vehicle to cover any unforeseen situations, they also employ a night supervisor enabling them to provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

The reason why demand for the services of Guinan Girls Logistics is growing comes down to one word: appreciation! Customers appreciate the appearance of the smartly uniformed drivers, good impressions count. They appreciate the dedication and professionalism, always prepared to go above and beyond to get the job done and doing whatever it takes to ensure a timely delivery. Guinan Girls Logistics takes the trust of their customers seriously and work hard to make sure their trust is repaid.

For all your haulage needs, contact Guinan Girls Logistics today!